Wake Up!

Wake up!

When I talk about machine learning to people new to the topic, I talk to them about feeding algorithms with vast amounts of data to find the “hidden” patterns which we, due to the size and complexity of the environment, are unable to see. The problem is too large for our headspace, we simply cannot hold the number of variables in our memory that a computer can. That’s why we have computers!

For me much of spirituality, and the lessons I continue to learn in this life, are like that. Allowing is one such instance.

Allowing does not mean being a bystander as life happens to you. We must all live consciously and choose what we want to create, otherwise we’ll find ourselves living by default and having to be content with whatever comes our way, which, by the way, usually sucks and leads to outcomes we don’t want!

Screw that!

Contrary to what you may have been told by society, family, friends, media, and whomever else, you have a LOT more control over your life than you realize. In every present moment you have the gift of choice. Might some choices lead to sucky outcomes? Absolutely! Will they all? NO!

My challenge to you today is to cease being a bystander. As you go through today look at what’s happening. What choice did you make to get the results you see? And remember, making no choice is making a choice too – there’s no getting away from it.

Live your life on purpose. Find the meaning in it.

Live consciously and realize the world is already yours.