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Spiritual Life Coaching

Let me ask you a question...

What do you want?

Right here, right now.

As you live and breathe, reading these words - what do you want?

If it's hard to answer, gift yourself a moment. Take a deep breath, and look inside.

Ask yourself, "What DO I want"?

Simply allow the answer to come.

It's there, right now. We just need to look inward, and listen.

Most of us want something.

For you that something may be losing 20 pounds, finding a more fulfilling job, finding your purpose in life, or simply being able to relax for a moment without feeling the overwhelming weight of the burdens life seems to continuously thrust upon you.

Whatever that something is the solution is the same - connectedness, specifically a connection to your True Self and the Truth of your very nature.

Here's the reality - you are much greater than you've been led to believe. In fact, peace, love, joy, fulfillment, purpose, these are your very birthright! It's when we lack connection to our Higher Self and that which created us that life becomes difficult.

Do you really believe our bodies, our jobs, the money and stuff we've been conditioned to chase is all there is? I don't! And not only do I not believe it, it simply isn't true. It's an illusion.

Since you're still reading this you have already affirmed, consciously or not, that you're ready to wake up from the illusion, to step through fear, and to become that which you know in your heart you truly are.

You are ready to step into your greatness.

And I'm here to help.

I'm Robert Dempsey, Spiritual Life Coach.

Robert Dempsey

My purpose in this life is to help you step into the greatness of your True Self as the perfect creation of God that you are. That's right, whether you think it or not, your True Self was created perfect and whole.

Yes, I'll keep reminding you of it. Someone has to! It's time to accept it, regardless of what your beliefs about your present circumstances may indicate!

Let's get something clear - when I say God, I'm not talking some bearded guy living in the clouds you may have been brought up to believe in. I'm talking about the Creator of all that is, whether you choose to call that Spirit, Higher Power, God, the Universe, The Divine, or something else entirely. I call it God, I call it Father, I've called it Source. Call it what you will, because regardless, it's the same thing.

We were created by it, we're connected to it, and it's there every waking moment of our lives just waiting for us to realize it and reach out.

Your connection is the key to everything you seek, and your connection is there, whether you choose to acknowledge it or not.

I'm here to help you recognize it, and enjoy the life of peace, love, purpose, wholeness, fulfillment, and more that results.

This is who I am. This is what I do. This is why I am here.

How does Spiritual Life Coaching work?

Of course it depends on your current state, but rest assured I've got all sorts of techniques up my sleeve to help including:

  • Mediation and mindfulness practices,
  • 12-step practices,
  • Numerology,
  • Energy healing,
  • Crystals and crystal grids,
  • Affirmations,
  • A little bit of mediumship, and
  • Psychic abilities including clairvoyance and clairaudience.

We can go as far into "left field" as you can handle, however I've learned over the past 25 years I've been doing this work to meet people where they are, so if you're not into most of the things on that list that's cool, we won't go there. Yet.

No matter which techniques we use together, it's all for a singular purpose - help you recognize your True Self, own it, and live from that knowing everyday of your life, enjoying the peace, love, happiness and joy you deserve.

How high is the water?

A few thousand years ago the Buddha said,

A red, blue, or white lotus—born in the water, grown in the water, rising up above the water—stands unsmeared by the water.

Perhaps you feel a bit smeared by the water of the world; perhaps you're gasping for air, barely able to keep your head up and constantly sinking beneath the waves.

If you're not and life is amazing and most of your day is lived without worry then I congratulate you! Perhaps our paths will one day cross and you can tell me all about it.

However, if you have any inkling there's more to life, that you're capable of so much more than what the world reflects back at you, I'm ready to help you find dry land.

It's why I'm here.

Let's see if we're a fit!

First let me tell you I do all of my 45-minute sessions at 5am. I'm a morning person. I wake up between 1:30 and 3:30am each day, and meditate and read spiritual literature for at least one hour. It is at this time I am the most focused and open to Spirit. This is when we'll do our sessions.

I promise you I will be 100% present when we speak.

It's you and me speaking in person or over the phone.

Before working with any new client I require a 20-minute "getting to know you" session to see if we're a fit. As you're still reading that may be the case, however I need to get an energetic feel before I make my commitment to you. I suspect you want to know the same.

To schedule your "getting to know you" session, fill out the form below and I'll get back to you with a few options.

I look forward to speaking with you!

  • Don't think just start writing. You may surprise yourself with what comes out. No judgment here, so be honest with yourself, and me.