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Private Meditation Session

One-on-one personalized meditation sessions in the privacy of your home.

Less than one year in, I was ready to quit my job...

One of my coworkers seemed to be purposefully blocking everything I did, being extremely passive-aggressive, and sewing seeds of discord between team members. A few months prior another team member had quit due to personal attacks by this person.

I had hit my limit, however I didn't want to find a new job just yet. I needed to find a solution, fast.

Thankfully I knew meditation could help.

After a few weeks of deep introspection and multiple daily meditation sessions I realized that no matter what this person did, I could be happy.

I took my power back, adjusted my beliefs around this person, and the situation ultimately resolved itself when he quit a few weeks later.

I had so much going through my head I couldn't sleep...

While growing up I would lie awake into the wee hours attempting to control my mind. The seemingly uncontrollable and constant deluge of thoughts made it impossible to sleep. I would awake after a few hours of sleep, and literally drag myself through my day.

I remembered how, as I trained in martial arts, meditation was used to calm the mind. I combined that experience with visualization techniques I learned and created a way for me to calm my mind and get the rest my body and mind needed.

The sleepless nights ended, and to this day I fall asleep within 10 minutes of closing my eyes.

Less Stress. Increased Focus and Control. Greater Happiness.

There are many reasons we seek out meditation, whether it's to reduce stress at work or home, increase our ability to focus, regain control of our emotions, or simply be happier on a daily basis.

Meditation can help with all of these, and much more.

In fact, there are more than 76 scientifically-backed benefits to meditation including:

  • 10x increase in mental focus
  • 50% less disease
  • 75% less depression

When combined with a new way of eating, I lost 20 pounds in 2 months, and while my diet changes had something to do with it, I'm sure that drastically reducing my levels of stress allowed the "stress pounds" my body had put on to literally melt off my body.

Finding What Works Best For You

You may have tried one of the many meditation apps or listened to a guided meditation on YouTube. Perhaps you've been considering meditation but weren't sure where to start.

There are literally hundreds of styles of meditation, ranging from Buddhist to Yogic to moving meditation.

But what will help you in the shortest amount of time, and can be done in the privacy of your home?

Let's work together and find out!

Arrange a Private Meditation Session

To arrange a private, one-on-one meditation session, please use the form below at the bottom of the page. Sessions can be conducted in person or over Skype/phone.

You will be contacted by Robert to schedule a time and guided to make payment with a link sent to you AFTER your sessions is booked. As soon as Robert can get you an appointment, THEN and ONLY THEN is your payment due.

$45 for your first session

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