A Return to Happiness

"You have lost the knowledge that you yourself are a miracle of God. Creation is your Source, and your only real function."

- A Course in Miracles, T.3.V.6:7-8

We are energetic (spiritual) beings having a temporary human experience.

We originate from a single source that will never be born, will never die, and in of itself will never change.

Whatever name you give this source - God, Universe, the Great Spirit, Mother, Father - doesn't matter. What does matter is we've bought into a self-created illusion of separation from it and each other.

The belief in separation is the cause of our deepest spiritual wound, which leads to physical, emotional and psychological illness.

While obtaining aid from modern, alternative, or combinatorial therapies, if we are to make our return to happiness good, we must make the healing of our spirit a priority.

The good news is we each have within us the innate ability to heal this wound; that ability merely needs to be reawakened.

My purpose in this life is to help you reconnect to You, to whatever you call your source, and to achieve a return to your natural state of happiness.

It's time to re-awaken the power within you. We can do that together.

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