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Tarot and Oracle Card Reading

Divine guidance to help you continue to move forward.

Freedom. Growth. Joy.

As a spiritual being having a human experience, freedom, growth and joy are your birthright.

However as we experience this human life, we sometimes get bumped right off our path, whether it's due to experiences which happen to us, or experiences which we ourselves create.

It is my firm belief and experience that we are all able to tap into and follow our intuition, when we allow it. Sometimes, that allowing is easy; sometimes it's quite hard. It could be hard due to conditioning from our parents or friends, the society in which we live, the religion we grew up in, or beliefs we took on that we seemingly can't get rid of.

During a card reading I use tarot and oracle cards to connect with your Full Self and the angels that guide you in order to provide a tangible guidance on the topics of your choice.

How a Card Reading Can Help You

The purpose of a card reading is to gain direction, guidance, and clarity. They help you with the next step. They enable you to become empowered in your own life and to take action.

I start each day with a card reading, and have done hundreds of sessions for others. Some of the questions asked are:

  • What is your message for me for today?
  • What should I put my focus on today?
  • What do I need to do less of?
  • How can I create the best possible outcome?
  • What am I overlooking?
  • What is the meaning of my dreams last night?
  • What steps can I take to become more abundant?
  • How can I best re-align myself with the vibration of my Full Self?
  • What can I do to uplift my vibration?
  • What can I do to feel more prosperous?

If you're worried about whether or not your question fits into this structure don't be - I will help you rephrase your question to get the guidance you need to continue moving forward.

What Questions Will The Cards Not Answer?

Oracle and tarot cards will not tell you specifically what to do or how things will turn out. We are each here to learn lessons; if we're told exactly what to do that disallows learning, which does not aid in the expansion of the Universe; therefore, they will never tell you exactly what you must do.

Examples of questions cards are not used for include:

  • Should I leave my husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend?
  • Should I take this job?
  • Should I move to another state/country?
  • Will I receive a promotion this year?

Questions that start with "should I", "will I", "can I", and "when will I" are yes/no or timescale questions the Universe won't answer.

Let's work with your angels to provide the guidance you need to continue moving forward!

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