I Spoke With an Angel

Last week I took the day off of work to breathe and give myself some space. Additionally, I was having eye problems and used the reason that it’s hard to write code with one eye, so I took the day off.

I wanted to read in a place surrounded by nature, and parked behind my local library, which is surrounded on most sides by woods.

As I was sitting in the car reading my book, seeing the few people who were going for a run or walking their dog, I spotted a woman carrying some bags going through the large dumpster behind the library. When I first looked at her she was looking at my car. When I looked up a bit later, and no one else was around, she was going through the dumpster.

Though she had what appeared to be a fairly nice coat, I thought she may be looking for something to eat or picking through to find something to sell. I thought she might need money for a meal. I felt compelled to find out, and worked up the courage to share some of my abundance with her.

I took $50 out of my wallet and held it in my hand as I approached her.

When I approached her I said hello and asked if she needed money for a meal. She had a very kind and clean face, and smiled and said she did not need money for a meal. She asked me why I thought she might need it and I said I saw her looking in the dumpster. Oddly she had in her hand an entire case of V8, like the ones we purchase at CostCo. Among her belongings were a pack of juice boxes, and other assorted things.

She then asked me what I was doing here. I answered in the most mundane of fashions – I was taking the day off from work and came behind the library to read. She asked me what I did and I told her I did computer things. She asked if I was at the library to fix their computers as they needed help. I told her I did software programming and didn’t fix computers. She asked where and I told her I worked in Reston. She asked why I didn’t go to one of the beautiful libraries in Reston, and I told her I lived close to the library. She asked where and I told her close. I was quite guarded with my answers.

Ultimately our conversation ended and I wished her a good day. She smiled as I walked away. I did not turn around as I walked back to my car and put the money back into my wallet.

The next time I looked up she and all her things were gone.

Looking back on this, after reading about encounters with angels, I believe that day I spoke with an angel. As I write this I feel strongly in my heart chakra that this is true. I believe this woman, when she asked me why I was here, wasn’t referring to anything mundane, but was asking the much deeper question of why I am here.

Why am I here?

I’ll tell you…

I am here to aid in the spiritual upliftment of the world. I am here to live a life of Love and Forgiveness. I am here to live in integrity, and to live from my Truth. I am here to experience the lessons my soul yearns to learn, and to share my experiences with you.

Why are you here?